Steward Essentials Training (Self-Paced)

Steward Essentials Training

Steward Essentials Training (Self-Paced)

last update on: 09/15/2022

The job of the AFGE Steward is one of the most exciting and challenging jobs you can have. As a new steward, you are the face of AFGE and you are management’s equal. Members will look to you for guidance and leadership when they need to solve problems with their employer. During your time as a Steward, you will be involved in a wide variety of labor-management relations matters, member recruitment, and the promotion of AFGE’s NOW organizing strategic plan to build a large, powerful, effective union for workers in government service.

AFGE is committed to ensuring that Stewards have the knowledge and resources they need to serve their colleagues. These self-paced training courses provides a first look at the responsibilities of a Steward.




8 Hours

Self-Paced Courses